Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

...for now, at least. I think I speak for everybody when I say it would really STINK if we got hit with snow again. YUCK!

 This week has been great through and through. It started on Monday (I know, amazing, right?). I received my first order for a card package. Awesome!! I don't think I've come down from that high yet! I think I might frame the paper as I reminder that I can and I will make this happen.

Later on (tonight or over the weekend) I will showcase some of the cards I've made for that order. They're turning out really great, I think, especially the Mother's Day card. I wanted to make it worthy of MY mother because she gets only the highest praise from me and deserves nothing but THE BEST (Love you Mom!), so hopefully the receiver of that card loves it (I *think* I know who it is going to ;) )  In fact, I think I'll make one very similar to it for my Mom for Mother's Day. I'm pretty sure I have the paper picked out for the Father's Day card, and I'll probably get to that one tonight.  So far I have one of the Thank You's done as well as a few of the Birthday cards, one of the Get Well's and one of the Sympathy cards.

So that's where I stand with that. HUGE thank you to my first package purchaser, YOU ROCK!

Tuesday was Stashley's 3 year anniversary and we're now embarking upon our 4th year together. Maybe this will be the year ;) I'm trying very hard to be patient, but when you love someone with your whole heart, it can be hard sometimes. It will happen when the time is right.

I also had an interview on Tuesday afternoon for the full-time position I mentioned last post. It must've gone well because they called me back for a second interview. WOOT! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I advised them I'd be able to start April 2.

The rest of the week was kinda boring, but boring can be good sometimes--no burnt hands that way!
[Sidenote: Whenever I pour hot water out of the teakettle since my burnt hand incident, I literally hold my left hand behind my back so I don't feel tempted to hold the coffee mug..that's what got me in trouble back in October! Gosh that was awful. I had never screamed like that before in my life, and I never want to scream like that again! My hand is finally looking normal. If you look closely, the part that was burned looks a little more tan than the part that wasn't.]

Anywho! Today is Friday! I have a 3-day weekend that I didn't even ask for, but hey I'll take it! It is supposed to be rainy and chilly here all weekend, so it is perfect creating weather. Until later!


Update: Friday turned on me real quick once I went on my lunch. I got a fish sandwich at McDonald's and then parked by the lake to eat it since it was a nice day. I had my radio on and I was charging my phone. It came time to head back to work, so I went to start my car...except it wasn't starting! I called Roadside Assistance that I have through my cell phone provider and they sent a man out to give me a jump. The man tried and tried but nothing doing. I advised him I would call for a tow (he didn't have the appropriate vehicle to tow me) and about an hour and a half later I got my car towed to the dealership in the town I work in. They are so reasonable, and they also were the last time I had a problem with my car around Thanksgiving time. Turns out I need a new battery, so they're doing that today. I'll have Steve take me over to pick it up on Monday before my second interview. So that's that!

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