Friday, February 10, 2012

Purple, Purple and...Purple?

So here are some Easter cards I've been working on.  I think this first one is just lovely! I always say how I wish someone would give me one of my own cards because I like them all so very much.
 I really enjoy this one too (of course). It's got bright, pretty colors--it really shouts out "Spring!!" to me (Can you hear it??). This card kind of happened by accident, to be honest. I didn't really have an idea in mind for it like I usually do, and I just kept adding to it until it turned out like this. Not bad, huh?
Steve picked out the rubber stamp shown on this card when he accompanied me on one of my many adventures to Hobby Lobby. Doesn't he have wonderful taste?(Yes!)
I love this Little Bun! He's going to show up on lots of Easter cards this year, I'm sure. He's already made his way onto 4 of them! Should I name him?? 

Anyways, I usually stamp him in Silver Ink and then color in his cute little bunny nose with sparkly pink pen.

I have another purple card that is mostly the printed paper in the first card shown. It has a little yellow chick on it. I will either send that one to my niece or this last one with the bun on it. The jury is still out! Monica (my ADORABLE and incredibly silly niece) is craaaazzyyyy for the color blue, so maybe I can make an Easter card with light turquoise on it? I made her a Valentine the other day, and I had to make sure there was at least SOME blue on it among the sea of pink!

I suppose that's will do for now! Two posts in one day, phew! I think I might like this..a place for me to talk about my passion and how my pieces came to be, because, in my opinion, they each deserve their own little story (especially this little bun--name suggestions, please)!

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